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Waste Water Maintenance Ltd was established in 2001 and is the first company in Ireland specifically set up to provide professional maintenance services in the wastewater sector in the greater Leinster area.

Our services include:

  • Maintenance of sewage treatment systems / septic tanks / pumping stations

  • Site suitability assessments (percolation tests) & design

  • BRE365 Storm water tests & Design

  • Screening for appropriate assessment

  • Environmental Impact & Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • Septic tank inspections & Installation oversights

  • Septic tank emptying / desludging

Our experience in the wastewater treatment sector over the past 21 years enables us to bring our customers the best service and solutions to any wastewater problems from septic tank / sewage treatment plants to foul water pumping stations as well as storm water & groundwater pumping solutions.

We provide maintenance and repair services on septic tank & wastewater treatment systems including effluent pumps, foul pumps, air blowers / air pumps, motors & gearboxes plus parts.

Our services are complimented by our knowledge and experience in Site Suitability Assessment allowing us to fully understand the entire process from a green field site to the installation and operation of an on-site sewage system.

Our informed advice will help you save significantly over the lifetime of your sewage system.

Let Waste Water Maintenance Ltd help you today.

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